Tables and Chairs  
Classic Wooden Picnic Tables $20.00
Rectangle Banquet Tables 8ft. $12.50
Rectangle Banquet Tables 6ft. $12.50
Round Banquet Tables 6ft. $12.50
Round Banquet Tables 5ft. $12.50
Table Cloths $5.00
Folding Chairs (Tan Metal) $1.00
Folding Chairs (Grey Plastic) $1.00
Folding Chairs (Black and Grey Plastic) $1.00
Chiller Table $40.00
10X10 $50.00
10X20 $100.00
20X20 $200.00
20X40 $375.00
Sides $1.00/foot
Tent Lighting $25.00
3X5 $50.00
Choose any combination from our quality rental inventory to satisfy your event needs.
  • It does not matter if you need one "classic picnic table" or if you need multiples of each item on our inventory list. You figure out what you need and we will get it to you.

  • If you have any questions on planning for your party (i.e. How many tables do I need to seat 100 people comfortably?) just ask and we will help you make the right decision on what to rent.

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